Thickener Ca-Sulfonate
Color Tan 
Type of Base Oil White   Oil 
Operating   temperature for long-term lubrication, °C -20 to 160 °C
Short term   admissible temperature peak value, °C +200°C
Dropping Point, °C DIN ISO 2176318°C
Worked Penetration DIN ISO 2137265 to 295 0.1 mm 
Base Oil Viscosity at 40°C DIN   51.562 Approx. 95 mm2/s 
4-Ball Weld Load ASTM D 25964000   N 
Water Washout @ 80°C ASTM D 12640.3%   removed 
Bearing Life   Performance, hours @ 1000 rpm, 160°C ASTM D 3527180   hours 
Low Temperature Torque at -40°C ASTM D 469311.0   Nm 
Designation DIN 51.502 KP   2 U-40